Lamb Steak or Lamb Chops with Shiitake Mushrooms

   approx. 1 lb. preseasoned
     lamb steak or chops
   6 shiitake mushrooms
     (fresh or dried)
   1 small tomato
   1 shallot
   1 scallion
   1/4 tsp, chopped garlic
   1 tsp, capers (optional)
   sake (Japanese rice wine, opt.)
   1 tbl. butter (optional)
   salt and pepper

   (This is a quick marinade meant to impart a subtle flavor. Use for poultry, seafood, and other cuts of meat as well).
   1 tbl. lemon juice
   1 tbl. soy sauce
   2 tbl. olive oil
   1/2 tsp. chili paste with garlic, or to taste. (Chili paste, known also as Sambai Oeiek is available in Asian groceries and some supermarkets).

   • First mix the marinade, adding ingredients in the order given.
   • Remove stems from shiltake mushrooms and slice the caps. If using dried shiitakes, soak whole mushrooms for 1/2 hour in water to cover, then bring to boil in soaking water with a tablespoon or so of soy sauce. Reduce to simmer and cook for 20 minutes or until tender. Then remove stems and slice.
   • Cut the tomato into small cubes.
   • Mince shallot.
   • Slice the scallion into small pieces.
   • Preheat oven to 375.
   • Place lamb in marinade for five minutes or so, turning to ensure even absorption.
   • Brown the lamb on both sides in a saute pan over medium heat. Then place in a baking pan (a pie plate works) in preheated oven for ten minutes or more depending on how rare or well you like your lamb.
   • Deglaze the saute pan with a splash of sake or water.
   • Add mushrooms, shallots, scallion, garlic and capers, stirring quickly for a minute or so. Add butter and remove from heat.
   • When lamb is done, spread the shiitake mix across it diagonally and serve with accompaniments, such as potatoes, pasta, rice, salad, bread, etc.


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