Our Philosophy

The sheep raised on our family ranch enjoy special lives.  From conception to consumption they are nurtured and handled with care, compassion and love.  Rather than being kept in feed lots, our flocks graze on 160 acres of natural forage and  are never subjected to grains, antibiotics, steroids, growth stimulants, pesticides or herbicides.  The total process by which are sheep are raised ensures a quality product. They live content lives, which become a gift to you, the consumer.

We view our animals as a resource rather than a commodity.  There is a symbiotic relationship between the sheep and the land.  We are stewards of the land, which we see as a living thing that responds to love, just as our sheep do. Our sheep graze on natural pasture, recycling the nutrients, which feeds the soil that in turn feeds the plants which feed the sheep completing the cycle. What is good for the sheep is also good for the environment as it is good for you.

For the healthiest food and best impact on the environment, you need to look for ranchers who raise their animals holistically.  Our sheep are raised with holistic management principles, which ensures a healthy and natural product.

It makes sense to buy directly from those who support sustainable agriculture.  By doing so you circumvent the destructive economic and environmental forces while supporting yourself and the producers committed to environmental quality.

Discover for yourself why grass fed is best.  For more information about the benefits of natural grazing please visit:  www.eatwild.com.


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